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Harder is boutique training studios.

You will find here:

– HIIT – intensive interval training using functional training equipment. During the HIIT class you burn hundreds of calories! The trainings are so varied that you will never do the same set of exercises twice in one session!

We recommend this classes for people who are at the beginning of their adventure with training, as well as people at the advanced level.

Every day of the week the trainings are focused on other parts of the body.


– Mobility – We work to improve the flexibility and mobility of the whole body. We reverse the effects of prolonged sitting. We relax tired muscles and increase the range of movement of your joints. An ideal workout complement  for active people to complement their training. If you complain about the pains typical of our civilization (back, neck), then these classes are for you!


- We accept Multisport, FitProfitand OK System cards

- Training sessions last 50 minutes.

- Training sessions are ALWAYS carried out by the instructor

- INTRO training sessions are intended for people who visit us for first time

- Everyone, regardless of physical preparation can take part in classes, training is based on anatomical movements that we perform in everyday life

- We created training sessions based on nearly 5,000 different exercises

- We reserve training sessions through the CUSTOMER PANEL

- Training sessions can be canceled at no cost up to 6 hours before the scheduled start of classes

- Every day of the week, classes are targeted at other muscle groups;

  • Monday - Upper parts
  • • Tuesday - Lower parts
  • • Wednesday - Hands and back
  • • Thursday - Abdominal
  • • Friday / Saturday / Sunday - The whole body



Our mission is to give the world even more healthy, smiling and satisfied people.


We've had enough of looking at hundreds of wasted hours in fitness clubs and gyms. We decided to act and created HARDER - a place for people who are like us: they want to create, improve and constantly search for the best solutions in pursuit of the goal. Join the HARDER team!


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